Friday, May 28, 2010

this is my first blog and i knw dat i have to write something sensible out here. but don’t know where to begin..coz life has been all eventful and interesting till date..:)

Considering the fact that, its always great to get to your own roots and be guided by your instincts, my heart and mind both agree and stand by me as I decide to write about my would not be bad to choose to write about the same coz,I know, it’s a place that has a lot to be talked about .it has been bestowed a lot upon me and has nurtured me to a human. .

But..more importantly..its something that I am going to miss big time when m gone to Bangalore for 2 to my land…

the day has not dawned yet, but I know that the sun’s trying to crack open the clouds to spread its golden rays on the sleepy eyes of the rose buds in the garden…yes, the ‘chameli’ has flowered. It doesn’t sleep in the nite, its nocturnal, likes to be most active when all go deep into the slumber..the fragrance wakes me up before the alarm clock rings into my ears…

the robins have caught the scent of the blooming flowers ,just like me, and have gathered to make a plan for the busy day ahead on the cashew tree by my window..the baby robin is naughty, it cant remain gripped in a place for long..or is it hungry today and ready to dig up a few worms out of the garden soil ?

‘Rambo’ my dog, hasn’t managed to remain unaffected by the chatter d birds are engaged in. As usual, it doesn’t surely seem to be in a mood to lift up its heavy snout, which seems heavier than its eyelids at d moment, to bark and scare away the twittering beaks..

How can I forget to mention the trees in the farm down,fresh and responding positively to the morning breeze, the areca nut flowers adding up to the fragrance of the chameli now..or rather competing with it to stand out..Whatever it might be,my nostrils can clearly distinguish between the two..they’ve got used to the scents of the countryside by nw…they have persisted since ages..

Hasn’t the farmer’s wife packed lunch for him today yet? Or is it that the kids haven’t given up on accompanying their father? He hasn’t turned up yet to wish his fields a good morning..the golden grains wait for him..oh yeah..can hear the cattle bells ring at a distance ,some where close to the stream..they must have stopped for a little water before moving to pastures for grazing ..there’s a long n hot day ahead ..they know it well..its the stream that satisfies their thirst first and then empties itself into the dam, running down like a kid just learnt to walk…its waters so blue and pure..just like the innocent eyes of a newborn…

The farmer has stepped into the fields, I know, the birds he just chased away seem to be scared ,hence, chirping loud, and unhappy..they have taken refuge into the cashew tree here, with the busy robins..

The fields, once lush green, now golden, stand tall and flaunt the shiny grains….

n..the sudden rattle of the vessels ,straight from mom’s kitchen, yes she’s preparing already for the day to come and as usual, unintentionally ,she has again disturbed my dad, lost in meditation..

here he comes.all triumphant...defeating the forces against him.the dew and clouds cudnt succeed in keeping him hidden for long nw..the sun has penetrated into my world….m awake…

no..its not a dream..but its nothing less beautiful than a dreamland..the land of myriad colors, numerous fragrances,and most importantly rich in love and enthusiasm and positivity..standing strong for the day so very hostile the world would be once I am out of this small world of mine..

the scents would no longer penetrate into my sleep..the robins would chirp in vain..the aroma of the grains would no longer get me the feel of the faraway fields..hw difficult it seems to go away from here..

but gathering myself up some how.and dusting away the thought of departure..i has its own way to teach u new things..and make u strong n better ..

I have made peace with myself ..yet again..n opened my eyes to fill myself up thro them with all the energy and positivity that comes from my land….